Etiquette and Dress Code

Caldy Golf Club prides itself on being a forward thinking and welcoming Club. To that end, all our policies are kept under regular review whilst also being mindful of golfing traditions and standards.

We have high expectations of all our Members, Guests and Visitors in terms of their conduct, courtesy and sportsmanship. Those expectations also extend to our dress code. The following information is therefore given as guidance in respect of dress code on the course and in the Clubhouse.

On the Course

• Please wear recognised and appropriate golf attire.
• Golf shoes must be worn
• When golf caps are worn, the peak must be to the front
• Shirts should be tucked into trousers and shorts (for gentlemen).
• Ladies recognised golf shirts may be worn outside of skirts, etc. when they are so designed.

In the Clubhouse/Terraced Area

• Smart casual clothing, clean/dry recognised golf attire, and clean/dry soft spiked golf shoes are acceptable throughout all areas of the Clubhouse.
• Hats and waterproof clothing are only permitted in the changing rooms and are not allowed in any area of the Clubhouse
• Boat shoes or loafers may be worn without socks.
• The wearing of track suits, cargo shorts/trousers, casual tee-shirts, football/rugby type clothing, work wear, gym wear, flip flops, open sandals, soiled, worn, faded or ripped clothing is not permitted in any area of the Clubhouse or on the golf course.

Excellent changing facilities are provided for both ladies and gentlemen; members and visitors are encouraged (except under abnormal circumstances) to make full use of the amenities and not to utilise the car park area for changing shoes and socks.

General Playing Rules and Etiquette

• Please read the Health and Safety note posted next to the Professional Shop and local rules on your scorecard. This board also provides information on the tee of the day, course and slope ratings, as well as essential WHS information.
• No visitors or member's guests are allowed on a Wednesday Competition day in the summer.
• Play must not start on the 12th tee if a match is visible on the 11th hole.
• All golfers are responsible for the repairing of pitch marks, replacing of divots, and raking of bunkers.
• Trolleys should be kept off greens, aprons and teeing areas.
• If removing any traffic management or hazard posts, please replace them immediately (Rule 15.2).
• Any ball hit beyond the course boundary should be reported to either the Professional Shop or Club Office at the conclusion of your round.
• The use of mobile phones (except for an emergency and when being used as a GPS device) is prohibited on the course, in the Clubhouse and on the patio areas. When a phone is used as a GPS device, any form of alert, ring tone or vibration must be disengaged so as not to distract fellow golfers.
• Mobile phone data functions may be used in the Clubhouse but not in the Dining room. The use of mobile phones when making calls is only permitted in the foyer, locker rooms or car-park